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Family Therapy


When a loved one suffers from substance use disorders, their loved ones suffer too. Worries and resentment can build up over time, eroding the trust and respect that keep relationships strong. There is a better way. As a companion to a fully-integrated detox and treatment program, It offers an innovative approach to family and significant other therapy.


This healing therapy program invites everyone who plays an important role in your life to take part in your recovery journey. Through discussions, psycho-educational programs, and professional counselling sessions, we help you reconnect with the ones you love the most.



What Are The Benefits of Family and Significant Other Therapy?



Together, participants learn about the ways that substance use disorders can damage relationships. They talk honestly about the ways that negative behaviors have impacted their lives. Above all, they work to rebuild broken connections and support one another through a challenging time. Our family and significant other therapy program helps every participant reflect on their unique role in the recovery process.


Here are more of the specific benefits of family and significant other therapy:


  • Helping families to avoid enabling or codependent behaviors that prevent recovery
  • Encouraging respectful, honest communication between all parties
  • Replacing the unhealthy relationship patterns that can sometimes support substance abuse with new, healthier patterns
  • Learning to share about feelings such as anger, guilt, or fear in a safe environment


Some families also receive restorative self-care interventions, encouraging each member to improve their own mental and emotional wellness. In cases where deep relational wounds have occurred, we offer further counseling to help loved ones cope with the trauma caused by substance use disorder.


Who Can Participate In Family and Significant Other Therapy?


Rather than focusing on just one person, family and significant other therapy treats every relationship as a unit. This approach creates a secure atmosphere and encourages participants to focus on the emotional wellbeing of everyone involved.