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Beginning The Journey


Are you serious about recovery and eager for a fresh start? Are you ready to step onto a new road and walk through a new door? A respectful detox evaluation is the first service you’ll receive when you arrive at Clear Meadows Recovery.


To prepare you for recovery, we offer a medically-sound program to address your physical and mental needs. We aim to start your recovery on the right track, whether by protecting you from a potentially dangerous detox or managing any symptoms you may experience.


At Clear meadows Recovery, our experienced clinical team will gather your vital information and our medical team will assess your medical history and perform a complete physical exam. This knowledge helps them develop the best treatment plan to suit you. After you begin the detox process, physicians will be on call 24/7 to monitor your health and make any necessary adjustments.


A Safe Place To Be

We understand that withdrawal from a chemical dependency can be an extremely challenging time, and that you might be anxious about beginning this process. Our physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, and addiction counselors make your comfort and safety their highest goal.


Our Detox Program


A physician-monitored, medically-based detox program is the foundation on which successful recovery is built. Our program allows you to:


 Start the recovery process with a clear, reinvigorated mind
 Experience an increase in your energy and physical wellness
 Manage withdrawal symptoms under a doctor’s expert supervision
 Look forward to an easier, faster journey to sobriety


Our location gives you the privacy and security you need to start anew. You can rest easy knowing that we are in close proximity to any medical services you might need. We provide a comfortable, homelike atmosphere complete with a host of amenities, so you can stay completely focused on your recovery journey.


Here at Clear Meadows Recovery, a compassionate detox program is absolutely integral. It’s the first stage in a holistic recovery process that will set you on the road to recovery.