Where is Clear Meadows located?

Clear Meadows Recovery Centre is located in NCR. The address is B-148 Sector 108, Noida.

How can I contact Clear Meadows?

You can write to us at clearmeadowsr@gmail.com.

What are the facilities provided?

The Centre has all the amenities required to aid a patient's recovery. They also have a recreational area to spend their leisure time. Patients feel like they are at a comfortable health & fitness center.

The centre is also secured in compliance with local security standards. All entrances and exits are monitored via CCTV to ensure safety.

Who are the people involved in the treatment?

The treatment is facilitated by doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors, therapists, NLP practitioners, coaches and other caretakers.

Will information about my treatment be shared with other patients or my family members?

At Clear Meadows, we have a 100% confidentiality policy. We do not discuss details of patients with anyone other than the people treating them. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You are free to disclose whatever part of your treatment you wish to with others.

Is it possible to get treatment without staying at the facility?

Clear Meadows Recovery Centre offers a residential treatment programme for deaddiction. We also offer an outpatient treatment programme. Depending on an initial session, we will reccommend which option would work the best for you.