How long does the treatment last?

The length of treatment varies from patient to patient. It will be based on the intensity of addiction and presence of any other mental health disorders. Research shows the longer you remain in treatment the greater the chance of recovery.

How do I know if I need a rehab?

If you start to believe that you may have an issue with substances you can reach out to a mental health professional who will recommend whether you require rehabilitation. Rehab can be especially beneficial if you have tried to become sober in the past but have been unable to.

I have gone to rehab before, however I relapsed. Will this be different?

Treatment and recovery are very complex. There may be many reasons for your relapse. Clear Meadows will help you overcome your addiction and also provide you with follow up care to prevent you from relapsing.

What kind of treatment would I get at Clear Meadows?

You will receive a holistic treatment which will include medical detoxification, therapy, NLP, psychiatric care, family therapy, physical activity and recreational activities.

Will I only receive treatment for my addiction?

Clear Meadows treatment involves an assessment of your overall body condition, you nutrition and genetics, postural habits, emotional connection and behaviour patterns. The treatment is a holistic programme which will help you overcome addiction, address any other mental health concerns you are experiencing, improve your physical well-being and help you live an overall healthy life.

Will I be judged or shamed for my addiction during treatment?

No, we understand that addiction is an illness. We provide compassionate, non-judgemental, holistic care and treatment.