Residential Treatment Programme

Clear Meadows Recovery operates a residential treatment center for alcohol and drug abuse and co-occurring disorders. During your stay at our alcohol and drug deaddiction centre in Noida, you will receive treatment to completely overcome your addiction.

Is this the right programme for you?

The Residential Treatment Programme is beneficial for people struggling with a serious addiction or for those who have tried, but failed to overcome an addiction. A residential treatment allows you to focus completely on recovery without the distractions of everyday life.

What can you expect from this programme?

During your stay, you will interact with medical professionals, psychologists, counsellors, caretakers, and other residents both individually and in group settings to facilitate recovery.

The duration of your stay depends on several factors such as severity, intensity and co-occurring conditions. It could be between 28 days to 6 months.

What kind of treatment would be available?

During your programme you would:


Undergo a medically assisted detox to cleanse your system of drugs or alcohol


Learn and go through the 12 step programme to overcome addiction


Have individual therapy sessions based on principles of NLP, CBT, DBT and counselling.


Attend group therapy with other residents to share and learn from one another


Participate in yoga, meditation and alternative therapies for your well-being.


Reconnect with your family and loved ones through family therapy sessions.

What is life at the centre like?

You will enjoy a comfortable stay at our spacious centre with the best possible amenities.

Interact with other residents and enjoy yoga, music, games and other recreational activities.