Outpatient clinic

The Clear Meadows Outpatient clinic is a leading alcohol and drug deaddiction centre in Noida and offers treatment for addiction and other mental disorders. However, you are not required to live at the facility and instead commute from your home for sessions.

Is this the right choice for you?

The Outpatient clinic provides diagnosis and treatment for various conditions. The clinic provides treatment for mild addiction, mental health disorders, early intervention and post-stay follow-up care. Patients can continue living a fairly normal life and maintain employment, family and social relationships.

What can you expect from this programme?

You will have to travel to the alcohol and drug deaddiction centre in Noida daily or weekly for treatment. This includes sessions with therapists, counsellors, psychiatrists.It also includes family therapy and some form of group therapy.

The sessions are scheduled based on availability of practitioners. An average session lasts for 30 mins to 1 hour. Sessions have to be attended for around 8-16 weeks, however sometimes the duration may be longer.

What kind of treatment would be available?

During your programme you would:


Learn and go through the 12 step programme to overcome addiction


Have individual therapy sessions based on principles of NLP, CBT, DBT and counselling.


Reconnect with your family and loved ones through family therapy sessions.


Have dedicated sessions after your stay to help you stay sober and prevent relapse


Get medical and psychological treatment for mental health conditions

How will my treatment impact my life?

Your treatment is a priority that requires dedication and a commitment of 10-20 hours every week.

However, outpatient treatment allows you to maintain a normal life including work and relationships.